The compression technique is the most advanced technology used in the production of doctor blades. We guarantee you the same quality in all your purchases by using this technique in our computer-controlled machines.

BLADE MASTER Dr. blade are produced and presented as a result of processing quality raw materials with advanced technologies in the production. Please read this manual first in order to use your doctor blades with maximum performance and durability.

Inspect the blade holder and correct any defects that may cause the doctor blade deflection out of straight.

Keep BLADE MASTER doctor blades in their original package until ready to install in the pres

Handle Dr. blades with extreme care. The edges can be damaged very easily.

Install the blade in the holder so that the blades are parallel and flat.

Adjust the blade holder so that it is parallel to the cylinder..

Inspect the blade angle to the cylinder to insure it is correct. (50 to 60 degrees for Gravure) (20 to 40 degrees for Flexography)

Use the least amount of pressure on thedoctor blade to maintain a clean wipe.

Inspect all cylinders for damage and rough areas before using in the press.

Be sure the filter all printing inks to remove all foreign materials. These will cause damage to the doctor blade and / or cylinders.